North West and Wales experience highest demand for jobs outside capital

  • April 27, 2018

Research across several sectors and key jobs has found that the North West of England and Wales are experiencing the highest demand outside of the capital.

Comparison service Small Business Prices conducted research from online job sites to find the number of jobs in key industries, and also from the UK Visa Bureau’s most sought after occupations, to find out where the majority of vacancies are found.

With a population of over 8.7 million, the UK capital is the most competitive location for jobs, however London falls only marginally above the North West and Wales.

Top five locations:

  1. London

  2. North West

  3. Wales

  4. West Midlands

  5. South East

London is a key player in the financial sector, offering 55% more jobs in this field than the national average, however the North West follows narrowly, with the highest availability in social work, nursing and engineering jobs.

Although Wales has a small population of just over 3 million, the region offers a high demand for some jobs, specifically within the food industry and welding.

Looking at the last two in the top five, West Midlands offers high rankings for jobs such as dental technicians, and the South East is the best region for jobs in software, biochemistry and graphic design.

David Lewis, managing director, integra people, warrington


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