District Caretaker

£10.70 - £13.33 per hour

Job Details

  • Carry out cleaning of communal areas of client owned flats.
  • Assist in keeping the Borough clean and tidy.
  • Undertake hard and soft landscaping, grass cutting, weeding and spraying.
  • Carry out all work efficiently, professionally and effectively, using materials, tools and access equipment safely.
  • Demonstrate care and understanding of people's particular concerns, reporting repairs and problems to the appropriate section.
  • Clean out all designated rubbish from bin areas, leaving areas clean and safe for residents.
  • Deliver tenant literature as requested ensuring the delivery is made on time and to the correct addresses.
  • Remove snow and ice and apply grit to areas designated by management.
  • Assist in office furniture moves, also help as required during Elections
  • When required to drive, make sure the Highway Code is strictly adhered to.