At Integra People we operate a strict Equality and Diversity Policy and are committed to ensuring that everybody has equal opportunity in terms of employment, recruitment and the service we provide to our clients.

We welcome a diverse workforce and value difference in our staff. As a company we are committed to taking active steps to address and eliminate unfair or unlawful discrimination or prejudice where these are identified in the organisation's procedures or practices.

Integra People:

  • Abide by all equality legislation
  • Ensure there is no discrimination against any person on the basis of race, colour, religion or belief, age, disability, nationality, gender reassignment, ethnic or national origin, sex, sexual orientation, marital or civil partnership status, political beliefs, membership of a Trade Union or spent convictions.
  • Place an obligation upon all staff to respect and act in accordance with the policy and train our staff in equal opportunities practice.
  • Support any employee through gender reassignment and make every effort to protect an employee or worker going through reassignment from discrimination or harassment within the workplace.
  • Encourage and value diversity within the workplace.
  • Treat each person we come into contact with in a fair and equitable manner.
  • Provide a working and business environment which is free from harassment, bullying and discrimination.
  • Create an organisational culture where every person knows that their contribution is valued.
  • Ensure the recruitment process results in the selection of the most suitable person for the job in respect of experience and qualification.
  • Encourage internal mobility within our company and encourage people to be promoted to diminish the ‘glass ceiling’ culture in the workplace.

Our diversity values are:

"Openness" Attracting, developing and retaining excellent workers by being open, sharing knowledge, ideas and opportunities, and completely representing the diverse country in which we live.

"Innovation" We constantly strive to improve our standards and policies to assist underrepresented, underprivileged and disadvantaged people to find employment.

"Collaboration" We work with our clients to deliver a fully diverse workforce reflecting different skills, experience and social backgrounds.

"Professionalism" We use experience and best practice to fully implement our equality and diversity policy.